Frequently asked questions

  • What's included in the rent?

    The rent includes : water, heating, electricity, wifi internet, the TV and the phone

  • What does the furniture include?

    Every bedroom has a bed (mattress and bedstead), a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, a bedside table and a TV.
    In the communal areas, the living room is furnished with sofas, a coffee table, a plasma TV. The kitchen has a full set of crockery, a hob, an oven, a fridge, a microwave oven, a boiler, a toaster, a coffee percolator, a dining table and chairs. In the laundry room you can use a washing machine, a clothes dryer and an ironing board.

  • What kind of lease is it?

    Each tenant signs a single lease. He has got no responsibility towards the rent of the rooms.

  • What is a guarantor

    A guarantor is somebody who pledges to pay your rent if you become insolvent.
    The guarantor shall have to fill "guarantee act", provide a photocopy of an identity document and of his last notice of assessment.

  • What documents should I provide to rent a room?

    If the tenant is a student, he will have to provide a photocopy of an identity document and a photocopy of his student's card. If he is a worker, a photocopy of an identity document will be asked for, as well as the photocopies of his 3 latest pay slips (or a photocopy of his work contract).

  • How does one protect his privacy whilst house-sharing?

    In a house that's shared, there are communal areas (living room, kitchen, laundry room, dining room) and private areas (bedroom, bathroom).
    So that everyone can have their own privacy, the tenants can lock their bedroom door.

  • How are the cleaning chores split?

    It is important to have clean and tidy communal areas for every tenant's well-being.
    You can plan turns or do "cleaning evenings" where everyone cleans the communal areas so that the cleaning chores are less strenuous.
    There is one important rule : "tidy what you've used", that way many conflicts will be avoided.
    In the bedrooms, everyone does as he wishes.

  • Would I be able to claim APL (personal housing allowance)?

    YES, ALL OUR HOUSE-SHARES ARE APPLICABLE FOR APL, the amount varies depending on the resources of the tenants.

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